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 Rules On Swearing And Cussing
 Posted: Jul 29 2013, 08:29 PM
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Acceptable language has already been briefly covered in the general site rules, but I would like to elaborate a bit so that we are all clear on this.

There is no swearing of any sort on this site. None.

And there is no masking out any swear words, either. If the word, "bear" was a bad word, you may not type something like "be*r", or even ****. Even indicating to us that you are considering using a bad word on these forums is worth a verbal warn.

But masking a swear word is obviously not going to get you in as much trouble as flat-out cussing.

Here's how the warning system is set up for swearing:

Masked Swear Words:
1st Offense - Verbal Warn
2nd Offense - Verbal Warn
3rd Offense - Official Warn
4th Offense - Moderator Preview for 7 days
5th offense - Moderator Preview for 30 days
6th Offense - 30 day suspension from the board
7th offense - Permanent Ban

Unmasked Swear Words:
1st Offense - Verbal Warning
2nd Offense - Official Warning
3rd Offense - Moderator Preview for 30 days
4th Offense - Permanent Ban

These are not set-in-stone rules, so all staff members reserve the right to handle disciplinary action relating to swearing at their own discretion.

This rule is in effect in order to protect our younger and/or more sensitive members from being offended or hurt.

Since this is a Zoo Tycoon 2 site revolving around almost exclusively Zoo Tycoon 2 discussion, I honestly doubt that you will be motivated to swear on these forums.

But just in case, these are the rules.
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