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 Jurassic Designs Sign-ups
 Posted: Oct 14 2013, 03:21 PM
Previously known as Neonraptor.
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A new design team dawns. I won't get into project details, but I will say that our first project REALLY follows the name. If you are interested, please PM me on The Round Table what you are capable of from the list*** of positions. If you are accepted, I will reply, stating that you are accepted in while supplying the link to our secret forums. If you decide to join, and get approved, you MUST follow these conditions*, or face punishment, with the punishment depending on what you did.** Also, I will supply below the list of possible positions you can have in Jurassic Designs.*** Happy designing!

[small]* Conditions- all members of Jurassic Designs must abide by these rules, and failure to do so will require punishment. Members of Jurassic Designs may not give away the link to the private forums. They must not leak any information or content, no matter what it is, or whom it is to, without my/Neonraptor's permission. Only I/Neonraptor may release any content, reveal anything, or upload any files.

** Punishments include, but are not limited to, temporary disbandment from the team, ban from the private forums, permanent disbandment, (Three strikes, you're out!) a warning on the private forums, or being fed to my pet Velociraptors.[/small]

[small]*** List of positions-
.Researcher (Researches info on animals, scenery, foliage, etc. and may write the Zoopedias.)
.Coder (Codes all the animals, foliage, etc. and does any animations, may write the Zoopedias.)
.Mesher (Meshes, and may do the alphas or the rigging.)
.Skinner (Textures and colors, and may do the alphas.)
.Rigger (Rigs the meshes.)
.You may be any number of these, and there can be an unlimited number of members in each position.[/small]

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Credit is given to the creators of any of the sets that are included in my avatar and signature.
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