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Jun 29 2015, 03:40 PM
Post any screencaps of your metropolises or your flooded (beware the hydroelectric dam) truck stops here.
Jun 29 2015, 03:37 PM
Post any screenshots here, from dramatic combat between the tyrant kings to peaceful valleys filled with the sounds of parasaurolophus in a heatwave.
Jun 29 2015, 03:34 PM
Post any screenshots of your zoo in action here, whether it be a glitch or a beautiful scene or just something gone awry.
Jun 27 2013, 03:52 PM
The official where can I find...? Thread

Q) Where can I find Arabian nights UXP?
A) it's on the artifax website, availible for download

Q) where is the island excursions UXP?
A) same location as the above answer

Q) where can I find the no space hack?
A) I personally found it on environ, but it is also available on the round table, zeta-designs, and possibly zoo tycoon volcano

Q) where can I find formidible seas pack?
A) it is an exclusive of zoo tycoon volcano

Q) where is radical remake available?
A) it's available on aurora designs

Q) where can I find the scenery pack?
A) zeta-designs

Q) obsational ocean?
A) zeta-designs

Q) temperate forest logs pack?
A) zeta designs

Q) destination South America?
A)this was a relic from caldera, which was moved to Zoo Tycoon Volcano

Q) decent bonobo?
A) right here smile.gif

Note: no direct links to file sharing sites are allowed unless the owner has agreed to this, no links to leaked content is allowed (no requests for cretacious calamity), anyone can provide an answer.

Any questions?
Jun 21 2013, 09:15 AM
If you have windows 7 or 8, follow these rules
1. Don't have too many downloads, it causes really bad bugs in which the map's biome has no texture or colour, and causes crashes.
2. If its useless, delete it
3. If you've finished a map, take it out of the game system, otherwise, it'll crash due to it being too much data to handle
4. Don't work for too long at a time on one map, I suggest less then one our at a time.
5. Don't do too man changes in one session, it will otherwise crash upon saving
6. Have task manager up in the background so that if it freezes you can stop it
7. Pause the game when building, that way, the game doesn't have to process animal behaviour, guest behaviour, ambient wind, ambient animals, time and building, it can focus on one thing, the building (will cause lag spike once unpaused)
8. Run low quality when building, high quality for pics ect...

Hope it helps

Edit 1: More trouble shooting, if your building something (trees don't count here), hide foliage so that it doesn't have to crunch the data for trees other than what they are and where they are
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