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May 13 2018, 12:39 AM
Name: Stethacanthus
Author: SpinoSquad
Required Expansions: https://idemo-mc.cloudinary.com/image/fetch/q_auto,f_auto/https://cloudinary-a.akamaihd.net/gawker-media/1371048264870745121 https://idemo-mc.cloudinary.com/image/fetch/q_auto,f_auto/https://cloudinary-a.akamaihd.net/gawker-media/1371048264665646113
Required Downloads: None

Stethacanthus was an ancient shark that lived from the Late Devonian to Early Carboniferous epoch, dying out around 323.2 million years ago. Fossils have been found in Asia, Europe and North America.

*SpinoSquad has requested that this download be made available for long-term preservation.

(Unfortunately, we don't currently have an image for this download. Please contact an admin if you are able to locate one, or if you take one.)

Click Here to download!

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May 3 2018, 05:49 PM
Name: Avisrex Downloads
Author: Avisrex (The Dark Phoenix)
Required Expansions: https://idemo-mc.cloudinary.com/image/fetch/q_auto,f_auto/https://cloudinary-a.akamaihd.net/gawker-media/1371048264584741921 https://idemo-mc.cloudinary.com/image/fetch/q_auto,f_auto/https://cloudinary-a.akamaihd.net/gawker-media/1371048264770919713 https://idemo-mc.cloudinary.com/image/fetch/q_auto,f_auto/https://cloudinary-a.akamaihd.net/gawker-media/1371048264870745121 https://idemo-mc.cloudinary.com/image/fetch/q_auto,f_auto/https://cloudinary-a.akamaihd.net/gawker-media/1371048264665646113
Required Downloads: Walking with Dinosaurs and Aves Packs by HENDRIX (both can be found in HENDRIX's signature on the ZT2 Round Table), and Caribbean Travels (Part 1 and Part 2, found at Zoo Hispania)
Bugs: The Dark Owl may potentially cause the game to crash, according to Avisrex. Other bugs are unknown.

Description: This pack contains a collection of projects created by Avisrex (The Dark Phoenix). It includes a modified version of andrew12 and Whalbite's Pterosaur Pack (found on the ZT2 Round Table), part 1 of a Mesozoic Dragons Pack containing Yanornis, Huoshanornis, Navajodactylus, Muzquizopteryx, and Harpactognathus, and a solo Dark Owl.

Credits: Christina Aguilera helped with the Yanornis and Huoshanornis, and Denomon3144, Dilophoraptor and JohnVM helped with the Pterosaurs

*Avisrex has requested that these downloads be made available for long-term preservation. This download IS public domain.

^ Yanornis ^

^ Huoshanornis ^

Click Here to download!

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Mar 12 2018, 08:02 PM
Hello, and welcome to DreamZoo2!

A few weeks ago, I made an announcement that DreamZoo2 would be repurposed as a site that would be dedicated to helping preserve Zoo Tycoon 2 community history and downloads, and I have made well on that promise! After weeks of developing an archival procedure and documenting it in detail, we are now fully ready to accept submissions for long-term preservation.

If you are interested in ensuring that your content remains available both to yourself and the public in the long run, please head over and follow the simple instructions:


The procedure is straightforward, but for those who may have doubts, I have also went to great lengths to document the archival procedure so that you may have confidence in the process. I also attempted to preemptively answer some questions you may have, as well as provide instructions for you to archive your own content using the Internet Archive.

If you know of anyone who may be interested, please don't hesitate to send them our way!

It is my honor to serve you and the Zoo Tycoon 2 community by helping to preserve this content, and I look forward to working with you! If you have any questions, I encourage you to send an email to the following address:

[email protected]

This is the best way to contact me, as I can't promise to be on these various sites frequently in the long run.

Thanks everyone!
Mar 12 2018, 01:32 PM
ContentsDownload Submission Procedures
Hello, and welcome to DreamZoo2! Thank you very much for considering going through the process to ensure that your creations remain available both to yourself, as well as the public, for the long-term future! In this post, I will briefly outline the procedure for submitting your files to be archived for long-term preservation. In the next post in this topic, I will provide a detailed documentation of exactly what I will do with your files once they are sent in. In the third post, I attempt to answer some common questions that you may have, and in the final post, I will outline a very simple technique that will allow you to take the initiative to archive your own files using the Internet Archive if you prefer to use that, or if you wish to utilize it in addition to the steps I will take.

If you are ready to begin, please be sure that you have your download in a .z2f, .z2s or a .zip file format in an easily accessible location on your computer. Be sure that you have any screenshots saved on your computer, as well. The upload form will prompt you to upload all of your files to be sent to an administrator. This means that you will NOT be sending in a MediaFire or Google Drive link to your download, or something of that sort. You will be uploading all of those files directly to a form.

The form to submit files is linked below. Simply fill it out to the best of your ability, and click "Submit". I will receive any submissions almost immediately via email, and I will log in here within a short time period to manually add your file to the download database, as well as stash everything away behind the scenes according to the process outlined in the second post of this topic. This site will be maintained and be kept running for as long as possible, but even if it were to go down in flames decades down the line, please know that I would still have all of your content safely stored away! As I describe in the following post, all files will be stored redundantly, completely independent of this site and its domain. As long as you have a way to contact me, or you personally safeguard the links I provide you, you will always have access to the files you send in.

Here is the link to the upload form:

If you are interested in a detailed description of what happens to your files after you send them in, please refer to the second post in this topic (directly below this one). I have done my best to outline exactly what is done to your files in order to preserve them as long as possible.

If you have any questions, please refer to the third post in this topic, where I have done my best to come up with a list of common questions that people might have. If your question is not answered to your satisfaction, please feel free to send an email to the following address:

[email protected]

I will do my best to quickly respond to your email with an answer to your question. Please note that this email account forwards to my personal email, so I WILL get your message almost immediately. Even if you are reading this long after it was posted, please do not hesitate to send an email if you have a question or a concern! Even if it is ten years or more after this was posted, I will still get your message!

Finally, if you are still uncertain about sending your file in, I completely understand. Even so, I would strongly encourage you to take the initiative to archive your things yourself. If you are still interested in archiving your files and ensuring that they'll be available in the distant future, please be sure to check the fourth and final post in this topic. In that post, I detail a simple procedure to turn Dropbox share links into permanent, static links that cannot be modified or deleted, and will exist indefinitely. Please also check it out if you are interested in further layering on redundancy in addition to sending your file in here. I assure you that it will be worth your while to learn the technique, as it may prove to be extremely useful, even outside of Zoo Tycoon 2 download preservation contexts.

It is an honor to serve you and the Zoo Tycoon community as a whole by helping to preserve this priceless content, and I look forward to receiving your submissions!
Feb 26 2018, 11:57 AM
Hello, guests and visitors of DreamZoo2!

I would just like to take a brief moment to announce a staff shakeup for this site.

As many of you may know, I promoted Barrosasaurus to Administrator nearly five years ago. I did so because he was extremely active, and he was instrumental in building this site up in its early days. I am forever grateful for the contributions he has made, and for his consistent commitment and dedication to this site over the years.

But sadly, as life moves on, and people get older, they often find that they have less time to do the things that they used to. This comes at a time in which DreamZoo2 is repurposing itself as a site for long-term preservation of user downloads, and it's a big job that that requires a significant time commitment. Also, considering that the site is extremely inactive, and will likely remain that way in the foreseeable future, it really isn't necessary to have multiple administrators. And so, as a result of private conversations between Barrosasaurus and myself in the recent past, we have decided that it would be in the site's best interest moving forward if he stepped down from his role as Co-Administrator.

Barrosasaurus, if you are reading this, please know that I could not have asked for a better co-founder or fellow staff member. And I know I can speak on behalf of the rest of the users of DreamZoo2 and in the ZT community at-large in wishing you the best in whatever your future entails.


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